The Fine Print: Pimp My HD

Your TV is top-of-the-line, and now it’s time to get it to run at its peak. “Each TV has the potential to be ‘tuned’ to perform much better,”says Bob Cole, president of Bob & Ron’s World Wide Stereo in Montgomeryville and Ardmore. Here are some extras that will get your TV running like butter:

Tweak it, baby: Showroom lighting looks nothing like your living room. Ask your dealer to calibrate your new TV’s settings to optimize color, contrast and sharpness for your home conditions.

Get the must-have accessory: An HDMI cable — all the cool kids have one. It gives you high-def video and audio via one magic cable. Cole recommends a Monster Cable M1000DAV, which starts at $99 depending on the length.

Add a little bling: Hide your TV in a pop-up cabinet, or use mounts and get that flat-panel up on the wall. Try de-cluttering the coffee table with a universal remote, or really wow your audience and sync your lighting to your viewing; an installer can group lights into “scenes” with controllable dimmers and even get your shades to lower automatically.