Wedding Details: Public Notice

Wedding Blogs: Share your bridal bliss (or stress) with the world and invite others to comment on your Big Day.

Spread your bridal bliss (or stress) through a wedding blog. These online journals allow you to record and broadcast—to anyone and everyone—your innermost thoughts and fantasies, or just what you happened to be thinking at 3:36 p.m. on a Monday.

Blogging, a post-and-response volleyball form of expression, is spreading like fondant icing on a cake and has found its way into the wide world of weddings, making it easy for brides-to-be to communicate the joys and woes of their Big Day with other brides from the far reaches of the Internet.

Not only does writing things down make for excellent venting about those inevitable pre-wedding frustrations (“White? I thought we agreed on pink!”), but keeping a personalized catalog of all the work that goes into a wedding is a wonderful way to glean and share tips and advice from fellow passionate brides.
And if all else fails, writing is a great way to give your creative side a jump-start and to express all that being engaged has meant to you.

Keeping a wedblog will also allow your aunt/sister/mother-in-law/former college roommate to give you written suggestions for your wedding, which you can then evaluate or delete in the privacy, solitude and much-needed silence of your own home.

Here are some ideas for your blog:
Meet the cast Wedding party and family introductions
How we met The fairy-tale story
Wedding site description/history What it means for the two of you
What to pack and other information for destination weddings
Photos, photos, photos Everyone’s favorite; can be viewed for free

To get going on your own wedblog, try these start-up sites:; www.typepad.- com;