Where to Shop the “Coastal Grandmother” Look in Philly

The viral summer trend makes Nancy Meyers characters of us all.

coastal grandmother

Live your best life with the coastal grandmother aesthetic / Photography by RODNAE Productions

Summer is here (albeit unofficially), and that means it’s time to break out your linen attire, crack open a bottle of chardonnay, and celebrate the arrival of “coastal grandmother” chic. The Anne Hathaway-approved aesthetic, coined by twenty-something TikTok influencer Lex Nicoleta, is like normcore-hits-the-beach, a breezy look that even the trend-averse can embrace. For inspiration, think Diane Keaton in “Something’s Gotta Give,” Emily Gilmore after she moves to Cape Cod, or Oprah as she interviews guests in her garden on “Super Soul Sunday.”

Haley Pelton of Wayward Collection Vintage breaks down the six basics you need to achieve the Lily Tomlin-like look.

1. A Big Straw Hat
This should be in navy, white or neutral, Pelton says.

2. A Billowing Button-Down
“You’ll need a soft, oversized menswear button-down shirt — stripes or a great white button-down,” Pelton says. “Underneath the button-down, I’d wear a perfect white t-shirt, or a vintage tee worn open, or the shirt by itself but loosely buttoned. I also love a beautiful silk bias camisole underneath.” Even if worn on its own or with a shirt underneath, she stresses that “the billowing shirt is the key to the look.”

3. A Good Pair of Linen Pants, or Vintage Khakis
Make sure they’re loose and comfortable. Linen pants are an obvious go-to (and likely already in your wardrobe), but khaki shorts are another option. “I have a coastal aunt who is very much into this aesthetic and she’s always wearing loose khaki shorts because she’s very practical,” Pelton says. “Vintage men’s khakis look great on women and give that tomboy-chic vibe.”

4. A Beautiful Sandal

“Birkenstocks are still really in style for the coastal grandmother look,” Pelton says. “I also love a skinny thong sandal because they’re elegant, and grandmothers are not into the chunky look.”

5. Scarves or Bandanas
Go easy on the jewelry and instead, accessorize with silk scarves or cotton bandanas. “Wear them around your head as a kerchief or around your neck,” Pelton suggests. “They add texture to the look.”

6. Tote Bags
“You need a bag you can carry a whole picnic to the beach in,” Pelton says. She recommends a cotton tote, like this oversized hand-painted one from Vagabond, or a big straw bag.

Where to Shop the Trend in Philly

Wayward Collection
This vintage boutique carries most of what you need to complete the look, especially when it comes to button-downs. They’re always stocked with plenty of oversized men’s shirts from Ralph Lauren, Armani, and other Italian brands. 707 South 4th Street.

This store practically screams “coastal grandmother.” Think: natural fiber pieces from independent makers, large totes, straw hats, and so many breathable pieces in shades of beige. 37 North 3rd Street.

This Fishtown favorite is another clear contender for your go-to coastal granny shop. Just look at their “structured, yet loose” linen pants. 2041 Frankford Avenue

This Old City shop boasts a beautifully curated selection of linen and cotton pants, shirts and dresses, and they’re committed to ethical practices and all-natural fibers. 135 North 3rd Street.

Founder Alliance STS
Add some polish to the look with figure-flattering linen pants, shirtdresses, crisp summer hats, and silk scarves from this Old City boutique. 21 North 3rd Street.

The Raxx Vintage Emporium
Looking for those men’s khaki pants? Look no further. 534 South Street.

Big Top Vintage
Vintage t-shirts, trousers, and hats (including the on-trend bucket hat) can be found at this Port Richmond treasure. 3112 Richmond Street.

Serena & Lily
Ok, this isn’t clothing but if you’re going to look like a Nancy Meyers heroine, you’ll want a Nancy Meyers kitchen. And a Nancy Meyers living room, and a Nancy Meyers patio … So where do you shop to achieve it? Look to the brand that already has an entire Coastal Grandmother section on its website. 25 Haverford Station Road, Haverford