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City Life

Q&A: Gisele Fetterman Talks Her Thrift-Store Wardrobe, Scrabble and Her New Oculus

Gisele Fetterman was born in Brazil. Her mom brought her and her brother to Queens, where she remained undocumented for more than a decade. Today, […]

City Life

Why I Left My City Life to Try Remote Work in the Wilds of Pennsylvania

It’s only late September, but it’s the kind of night that belongs more to early winter than to fall. I wasn’t prepared for it, and […]


Meet the Philly Food Scientists Who Can Make a Potato Chip Taste Like a Cheesesteak

Another autumn, another snack-time promotion: In November, venerable Herr’s, headquartered in Chester County’s Nottingham, announced a new potato-chip flavor contest, with $15,000 in prizes at […]

City Life

Q&A: Merrill Reese Picks the Best Eagles Ever and Talks Our Super Bowl Chances

Since 1977, Merrill Reese has been the play-by-play announcer for all Eagles games on WIP radio. He’s as much a part of the team’s legacy […]

Luckiest Girl Alive author Jessica Knoll
City Life

From the Main Line to Hollywood, a Q&A with Luckiest Girl Alive’s Jessica Knoll

In 2015, Shipley alum Jessica Knoll released her debut novel, Luckiest Girl Alive, which went on to sell well over one million copies and this […]

City Life

The Acute Grief of a Friend Breakup

If I remember correctly, my first breakup was with a kid named Anthony sometime in the seventh grade. I’ve forgotten the specifics, but I think […]

City Life

The Drama Around Turning the John Coltrane House Into a Philly Jazz Monument

Sixty-four years ago, in a charming 19th- century rowhome in the southernmost corner of Strawberry Mansion, there lived a giant. John Coltrane was a few […]

City Life

Over the River and Through the Woods

I grew up with only one grandma. My mom’s mom died the year before I was born, so I don’t know what her house was […]

City Life

Angelo Cataldi’s Long Farewell

It’s a friend of mine — let’s call him Billy from Broomall — who captures something important about the arc of Angelo Cataldi’s long run […]

City Life

Q&A: Yannick Talks Cheesesteaks, His Cats, and Why He Loves Philly So Much

Hello, Yannick. I thought we had an hour, but I’m told you only have 30 minutes, so I won’t waste time with a lot of […]