Where to Eat Lasagna in Philadelphia

Whether you want your pasta layered with bolognese, vegetables, ricotta, béchamel, or all of the above, we’ve got what you're looking for.

Lasagna from Di Bruno Bros. | Courtesy of Di Bruno Bros.

When it comes to baked pastas, lasagna is the king. The glory is in the variety: Almost anything can be slathered in between thin sheets of pasta, topped with cheese, and called a lasagna. Bolognese sauce? Yes. Broccoli rabe? Of course. Mushrooms? We certainly hope so. And in the battle of ricotta versus béchamel, we say: There’s room for everyone.

DaMó Pasta LabCenter City
No matter the season, Damó keeps a classic lasagna on the menu, layered with fresh pasta, beef ragu, and béchamel. This is the type of lasagna you’ll find in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy: rich, meaty, and perfect for pairing with red wine. Note that they also sell this lasagna in 10-serving trays if you’re looking to feed a crowd.

Villa Di Roma, Italian Market 
If your desired lasagna experience is one that reminds you of your mom’s lasagna, Villa Di Roma’s is the way to go. It’s made with a classic tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, and pieces of their house-made meatballs.


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Mangia MacaroniSpring Garden 
Mangia’s lasagna is available as part of their set three-course menu. It’s a brick of pasta, meat sauce, béchamel AND ricotta salata, all topped with a fried egg, which truly brings the whole thing together.

Talluto’s, multiple locations 
If you want to make lasagna from scratch, head to Talluto’s for fresh sheets of pasta, or skip the task entirely and just buy a meat or vegetarian lasagna (we alway get an extra to keep in the freezer for emergencies.)

Superior Pasta Co., Italian Market 
Any lasagna you want is available at Superior Pasta: three cheese (for the mozzarella and ricotta fans among us) as well as spinach, roasted vegetable, and meat versions.

Modo Mio, Queen Village
A legendary white lasagna with pistachio, pancetta, and an egg on top — as Modo Mio’s chef-owner Peter McAndrews is wont to do.

Severino PastaHaddon Township 
If you’ve never visited Severino’s Haddon Township store, you’re in for a treat. Head across the bridge to enter a wonderland of fresh pasta, Italian import ingredients, a deli counter, and, yes, many types of pre-made lasagna.


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Primal Supply Meatsmultiple locations
Damon Menapace runs the prepared food program at Primal Supply, cooking up soups, stews, meatballs, and two types of lasagna: one with rich beef bolognese, and one with spicy pork sausage. Both come frozen, perfect for stocking your freezer.

Di Bruno Bros., multiple locations
Lasagna is typically made with an egg-based pasta, which means it’s actually pretty hard to find a vegan version, but plant-based eaters can enjoy a vegan version at Di Bruno Bros., where they stack an egg-free pasta with mushroom bolognese sauce and an oat milk béchamel sauce.

Le VirtuEast Passyunk 
There’s really no reason that lasagna shouldn’t be on more brunch menus. Clearly Le Virtu knows this, because their broccoli rabe, mushroom, and spinach-stuffed creation is front and center on their weekend menu.

Lamberti Pizza and MarketCenter City 
The newly opened slice shop and grab-and-go market from the folks behind Caffe Aldo Lamberti (and others) has two types of lasagna available: a beef bolognese and a vegetarian, both available for only $8 a hunk.