The Foobooz Guide to Home Cooking

Everything you need to know to keep yourself fed in Philadelphia during the coronavirus crisis.

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We don’t often write about home cooking, but with restaurants reduced to takeout-only options, we want to continue to commune with our readers over food, which means celebrating the cooking that continues to happen in Philadelphia, both in restaurants and in homes. We’re working to keep you connected to your favorite chefs and restaurants, without needing to leave your own kitchen. So, until we can finally return to all those places that brought us joy, we’ll be publishing ways to bring that very same joy into your homes.

Pantry-Staple Recipes

This Fiore Fine Foods Soup Recipe Is a Delicious Way to Use Up Stale Bread
Pappa al pomodoro brings the flavors of Tuscany using a can of tomatoes and leftover bread.

Chris Kearse’s Potato Soup for the Socially Distanced Soul
A rich, creamy, super-easy potato soup is the perfect vehicle for lots of cheddar cheese, sour cream and bacon.

Jose Garces’s Black Bean Recipe, Five Way
Use them in chili, in a quesadillas, on nachos, and more.

Stock’s 5-Ingredient Peanut Noodles Are Super Easy to Make at Home
Just five ingredients make up this noodle bowl worthy of a restaurant kitchen.

River Twice’s Chili Con Queso Recipe, for All Your Stress-Eating Needs
Owners Amanda and Randy Rucker make this queso dip whenever they’re hanging out at home.

Chef Angela Cicala’s Oh-So-Comforting 5-Ingredient Pasta Recipe
Perfectly designed for when you’re “stuck inside for the long haul.”

And more …

Philly Chefs Offer Their Best Home Cooking Advice
Just because you’re eating at home doesn’t mean you can’t cook like the pros.

Philly Grocery Store Alternatives, Because the Chains Are a Nightmare Right Now
Bigger stores are packed with panicked shoppers. Check out these businesses offering curbside pick-up, delivery and other safe options.

Yes, You Can Still Buy Liquor in Philadelphia
The PLCB is a mess, but there are other options for buying liquor and wine in the Philadelphia region right now.

A Philly Bartender Teaches You to Make Actually Good Drinks at Home
Paul MacDonald of Friday Saturday Sunday teaches the basics of home bartending.

A Professional Pastry Chef on How to Improve Your Homemade Baked Goods
How to master cookies, cakes, and other treats like a pro.

So You (Like Everyone Else on the Internet) Want to Make a Sourdough Starter. Here’s What You Need to Know.
Chris DiPiazza of Mighty Bread Co. breaks down the care and feeding of your starter. Plus, his best guess as to why sourdough has caught on for this moment.