Every Caesar Salad You Should Be Eating in Philadelphia

From the kale and brussels sprouts Caesars to classic romaine and chicken, here's where you should be ordering Caesar salads in Philly.

Caesar salad at Alpen Rose | Photo provided

Is Caesar the best salad? Probably. Certainly, it’s one of the most iconic. And while it’s pretty specific and sometimes divisive (hello anchovies) it’s also somehow at home on more menus than almost anything else. Whether you prefer your Caesar with chicken breast and romaine lettuce, or butter lettuce and boquerones, menus in Philly have got the Caesar for everyone. Here are a few of our favorites.

Little Nonna’s, Center City
There’s a strong argument to be made that the most important element of a great Caesar salad is the croutons. If you need to be convinced, take a look at Little Nonna’s version — the croutons are made from chunks of fried polenta, for a chewy, crispy, rich bite in the midst of all the gently bitter, crunchy radicchio, broccolini and lemon-anchovy dressing.


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La ChinescaSpring Garden
The salt and pepper squid Caesar is an unexpected twist that really works. Crispy fried squid gets tossed with romaine lettuce and sprinkled with a generous topping of toasted sesame seeds for a take on this classic (which, by the way, was in fact invented in Mexico).

Pizza Plus WestWest Philly
Pizza Plus’s new West Philly storefront serves the same menu as the South Philly location: thin and thick crust pizzas, chicken tenders, and burgers. The Caesar salad might seem like an afterthought, but there’s actually no better salad to eat in between bites of cheesy, fried treats.

SallyFitler Square
Sally is one of this summer’s hottest reservations, and it’s not because they’re a pizza place. It’s because it’s a pizza place with an excellent menu of small plates worthy of meal all on their own, as well as one of the best natural wine programs in the city. The kale Caesar is an earthy, crunchy twist on the original, with garlicky breadcrumbs instead of croutons, and a savory granola we’d like to sprinkle on just about everything.

Famous Fourth Street DeliQueen Village
If your Platonic ideal of a Caesar salad is something completely un-elevated (no shade, we love it, too) then look no further than Famous 4th Street’s version. It’s exactly what you’re picturing: romaine, a creamy, salty dressing, plenty of parm and basic croutons. But, like, perfect.


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Alpen RoseCenter City
There’s a formula for a great steakhouse, and an excellent Caesar salad is a key element. At Alpen Rose, they put their spin on the classic by using pecorino Romano cheese in place of parmesan, which adds a welcome salty funkiness to the classic salad.

Sidecar Bar, Graduate Hospital
Lots of Caesars are sides to the main event, but at Sidecar Bar, they know sometimes you want a dinner salad. With tender poached chicken, capers, and chopped eggs, their house Caesar is perfect for just that occasion.


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Charley DoveRittenhouse
Andrey Claire has rebranded as Charley Dove, a kind of Mediterranean spot with lots of grilled items and vegetable starters. Among them is a Caesar salad made with tender gem lettuce, pita croutons, and delightfully anchovy-forward dressing.

The Landing KitchenBala Cynwyd
Caesar dressing is definitely on the rich side, which is why it pairs so well with heartier greens — the Landing Kitchen’s romaine and brussels Caesar is a great example of this. The shaved Brussels sprouts hold up nicely to the dressing, for an appealingly crunchy, surprisingly filling salad.

Palizzi Social Club, East Passyunk
Served with semolina croutons and plenty of cheese in a wooden patchwork bowl — as the gods intended.