Vernick’s Doing Pizza

Plus, Greg Vernick is reopening Vernick Wine, all new and improved with a "Chef's Grocery" for all your socially-distanced Rittenhouse Square picnic-y needs.


Vernick Food & Drink and Vernick Wine on Walnut Street | Photo provided

Of course Vernick is getting into the pizza game. This is 2020 Philadelphia, baby! A pizza-loving, pandemic-ridden city filled with takeout and full-scale restaurant pivots. It’s the next logical step, especially for a restaurant already equipped with a  wood-fired oven, and a Midas-like chef (Greg Vernick) who seems incapable of doing anything poorly.

So, yeah, of course Vernick is doing pizza. Here’s how it’ll work:

The menu features three kinds of pies, salad, ice creams, cocktails and more, and it’ll all be available beginning at 12 p.m. until sell-out on Saturday, July 11th. You can pre-order your pies starting on Thursday, July 9th, at 10 a.m. here. Or you can just place your order at the counter day-of. Menu here:

In addition to the pizza, Vernick is also launching a mini-mart of sorts inside Vernick Wine (also opening on Saturday, July 11th), making it a one-stop shop for all your Rittenhouse Square picnic needs. Because, again, this is 2020 Philadelphia, baby! Outdoor, socially distanced picnics are all the rage! Load up on house-made condiments, pickles, snacks, sauces, tinned fish, imported olive oils and cordials.

The Chef’s Grocery’s sample menu, here: