And Now, the Gritty Ice Cream Sandwich From Big Gay Ice Cream

The Gritty Puckster is available for a limited time at the Big Gay Ice Cream on South Street.

Gritty Puckster | Photo by Patrick Bilow

Not much to say here other than Philly’s Big Gay Ice Cream made a Gritty-themed product, and honestly… great. Gritty was born out of necessity — to keep us distracted and sane. So let’s just chuck it onto the heaping, orange pile of Gritty things that have crossed our desks in the last few weeks and get in line.

Like their Cheat-Ohs cone, Big Gay’s Gritty Puckster makes use of a Frito-Lay product (in this case, nacho cheese–flavored Doritos) as the ice cream base. It’s sandwiched between two soft, round chocolate cookies (like a hockey puck). And like the Cheat-Ohs cone, it gets rolled in fake cheese dust (again, in this case, Dorito dust).

A Big Gay rep says, “Shock value aside, it’s incredibly delicious.” Philly Mag intern Patrick Bilow says otherwise: “Not something I’d ever order again.”

And it’s available for a limited time for $4.50 a pop.