5 Philly Restaurants for a Strangely Warm February

It's 70 degrees, people. Do something about it.

It’s definitely unsettling. Makes you contemplate your own death way sooner than you ever thought you would, that’s for sure. But whatever. It feels good on our skin, so we’ll take it in stride.

It is going to be 70-goddamn-degrees today. It’s going to be even warmer tomorrow. Philly likes to freak out when this happens, so here’s where you should eat this week to celebrate the early spring (or beginning of the end).

Parc | Facebook


A seafood tower and a carafe of sauvignon blanc is perfect people-watching food. And Parc’s outdoor, park-facing bistro tables provide the perfect vantage point.

ASB | Facebook

American Sardine Bar

Because cheap patio furniture, some grilled sardines, and a fantastic beer selection is all you’ll need today. ASB just specializes in all three.

Standard Tap | Facebook

Standard Tap

Your go-to spot for a great happy hour deal, great comfort food by Joel Mazigian, and an outdoor patio overlooking a lovely little corner of Northern Liberties. Also, for what it’s worth, the Tap’s current cocktail list is very citrus-heavy, so, you know, perfect for this kind of heat.

Little Nonna’s | Facebook

Little Nonna’s 

It’s got an idyllic little patio tucked away for this very occasion. Plus, the best garlic bread in Philadelphia, bar none.


A modern American restaurant right in the middle of it all, overlooking the Singing Fountain (the epicenter of bustling East Passyunk Avenue), with one of the most genius bar designs in all of Philly: an urban version of a swim-up bar.