University City Restaurant Has LOL-Worthy Name

The poke trend meets the Pokémon craze.


Over the weekend, a new poke spot opened up on the University of Pennsylvania campus.

You’ll never guess what they decided to call it.

Poké-Man (heh), located in the former Caffe Bene spot at 3737 Chestnut Street, specializes in build-your-own poke, served over your choice of salad, rice, or noodles or rolled up in a sheet of nori, burrito style.


While the name — just on the right side of copyright infringement, hopefully — and sparse web presence make the spot borderline ungooglable, they have a pretty sweet grand opening deal going on.

If you head over to University City to get an obligatory selfie with their chortle-inducing sign this week, bring a friend: the shop is offering BOGO poke bowls through Sept. 2.

Poké-Man [Facebook]