Parks On Tap is Back for 2017

A little warm-weather news to get you through this cold snap.


On a cold and gray day like today, it’s good to look forward to spring and summer. It’s even better to look forward to spring and summer knowing that the return of the sun, the warmth and the flowers will also mean the return of Parks On Tap.

Last year, the Fairmount Park Conservancy, Philadelphia Parks and Rec and FCM Hospitality all got together and thought, “Hey, you know what would be cool? If we put together some kind of mobile beer garden that went around from park to park, allowing people to hang out in hammocks and drink in the sunshine.” And then they did exactly that.

And this year, starting on May 17 (which, really, isn’t all that far away), they’re going to do it again with another full season of Parks On Tap.

Actually, not just a full season, but a BIGGER season, with more locations and a longer schedule. Everything will kick off on Wednesday, May 17 (right in the middle of Love Your Park Week, conveniently) and move to a different park every week throughout the spring and summer. The program will run for 20 weeks and then wrap up on Sunday, October 1.

The events will all provide “fresh food, beer on tap, wine, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages in a festive outdoor environment featuring comfortable chairs and hammocks, clean restrooms, and family friendly activities.” And that’s awesome. Most of them will run for three to five days (Wednesday through Sunday) in each park, but FCM and its partners are also looking at trying to put together some 1-day pop-up events. And while, like last year, most weeks will focus on large, highly-trafficked parks, they’re also looking at trying to get into some of the smaller, neighborhood parks in order to give the people there a reason to come out and enjoy their local park. And what better lure is there than beer, hammocks and snacks?

The full list of participating parks hasn’t been finalized yet, but you can keep track of where Parks On Tap will be headed at the event website, linked below.

Parks On Tap [Official]