Bottle Shop at Local 44 Adds Wine to Go

And Clarkville now offers growlers of wine.

The Bottle Shop at Local 44 is now even more "bottle-y."

The Bottle Shop at Local 44 is now even more “bottle-y.”

The Bottle Shop at Local 44 has been known for its well-curated selection of beers since its opening. And starting today, it’s going to look be known for take-out wine as well. The bottle shop is now carrying an inventory of 22 wines by the bottle. Look for ten red, ten white and two sparkling wine.

Proprietor Leigh Maida tells us that the staff is particularly jazzed about:

Clarkville's custom wine growler

Clarkville’s custom wine growler

  • Domaine Collin Brut, a Cremant de Limoux made of chenin blanc and mauzac (a less well known varietal). “It’s pretty much the reason to never buy champagne again.” ($32)
  • Bregeonnette-Gros Plant, a Folle Blanche from the Loire Valley. “It’s got a nice amount of funk to it, which fits in nice in our shop.” ($27)
  • Bacchus, a pinot noir by a vintner named David Gordon. “An excellent drinking pinot noir at a great value.” ($25)

And in a twist on the Bottle Shop’s monthly “beer school” events, Wednesday, November 16th will be “wine school.” The Artisan Cellar’s Sean Faeth will be on hand starting at 5 p.m., discussing some of the wines in stock.

Also look for wine (and beer) deals to ramp up after Thanksgiving for the holiday season.

The Bottle Shop’s sibling, Clarkville is not getting left behind in the wine-to-go fun. The pizzeria across from Clark Park is making all of its draft wines available for takeout via a custom 750ml growler. Prices are generally $25 to $30 with the growler, refills are $22 to $25.

Right now N2 Big Top Bordeaux, a red blend from Languedoc, France is on tap. It’s $22 for a 750ml refill.

State law restricts takeout to four 750 ml bottles at a time, and they will fill your bigger growlers as well.

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