Sneak Preview: October At COOK

And here we are again, staring down another new month of classes at COOK. Want to see what they’ve got goin in October? We have an early sneak peek at the list just for you, and it has everything from gourmet mac and cheese to brunch with the crew from The Dutch.

You ready? Here we go.

COOK October Class Schedule

October 1: 6PM An Evening with Ned Maddock of XIX
October 2: 6PM The Thrill of Brazil with Joseph Howard of Abe Fisher
October 3: The Pasta­bilities are Endless with Andrew Wood of Russet
October 5: An Apple a Day: ­ Savory and Sweet Apple Dinner with Beth Kaufman Strauss of Grateful Plate
October 7: COOKbook Author Series: “Whole Cooking and Nutrition” with Registered Dietitian and Cookbook Author Katie Cavuto
October 11: To Dream The Im­Pasta­ble Dream with Chris Tavares of Davio’s
October 13: 6PM Riesling Is The Reason with Ashley Costanzo of Vintage Imports
October 22: 6PM Mac n Cheese Please with Marti and Pamela Lieberman of Mac Mart
October 23: 12PM It Takes a Village: Brunching with Woody DeCasere of One Village Coffee and Ron Silverberg of Hawthorne’s Cafe
October 24: An Evening with Scott Anderson of Elements
October 25: Double Dutch: Breakfast for Dinner with Lee Styer, Kevin Watters and Joncarl Lachman of The Dutch
October 26: It’s All Greek Pasta To Me! with Frances Vavloukis
October 27: An Evening with Rory Baatz of Ocean Prime
October 28: Beef Bourguignon with Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette
October 29: 6PM Braise The Roof with Nick Macri of La Divisa Meats
October 30: 2PM Autumn Harvest Desserts with Peter Scarola of R2L

Tickets go on sale Thursday, September 8 at 2pm. You know what to do.

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