Spend the Fourth at SkyGarten


Photo | G. Widman for Visit Philadelphia

This year, be above the fireworks at SkyGarten | G. Widman for Visit Philadelphia

If you’re still looking for Fourth of July plans (and don’t want to sit in hours of shore traffic), the world’s tallest beer garden might have you covered.

SkyGarten will be hosting a ticketed event, called Celestial Salute (which kind of sounds like someone just picked two words from a thesaurus), starting at 7:30 PM the night of July 4th.  A ticket will get you access to the open bar, some classic BBQ food, and a great view of the fireworks. And while we can’t speak to how the food or drinks will be, watching fireworks from 700 feet in the air sounds pretty awesome.

Tickets are $76 per person and availability is limited. So, you know, hurry.

SkyGarten [Get your tickets here]