The Beer Spear: A New Snack to Relish

Beer Spears by Brine Street Picklery

Beer Spears by Brine Street Picklery

Beer and pickles? Delicious. But beer pickles? A potential stroke of genius.

On Friday, June 3rd at Philly Beer Week’s Opening Tap, Yards Brewing Company and Brine Street Picklery will debut their newest collaboration: the Beer Spear.

“Everyone knows that beer and pickles pair well,” says Gina Vasoli, Yards’ Art and Marketing Manager. “What we’ve done is eliminate the annoying extra step of having to chew a pickle then take a sip of beer.”

The Beer Spears mix Yards IPA, rosemary and chili de árbol, to create a spear that strays far from the typical dill or garlic. P. J. Hopkins, the Head Pickler at Brine Street Picklery, says the “floral, hoppy flavors” really stand out.


Brine Street Picklery jars full of pickled goodness | Photo by Photo by Jillian Guyette

Hopkins is one of three friends that head up the Brine Street operations. Hopkins got himself into the pickling business after a trip to New Orleans where he tried pickled green beans in a Bloody Mary. When he got home, he started to make his own (now known as the Zing Beans).

What began as a hobby became a legitimate business. “When my friends said we should start a business I said ‘Yeah, whatever,’” said Hopkins. “It started as a joke, but now we’re here.”

Now two years out from the start of Brine Street, they offer pickled beans, beets, and more. All their ingredients are locally sourced and the pickles rotate seasonally. This is their second collaboration with Yards and they have plans to collaborate with Whole Foods in the future.

“But at the end of the day, a pickle is just a pickle,” says Hopkins.

You can find Brine Street pickles in stores and restaurants all over the city and the suburbs. But you can get your hands the Beer Spears at the Fillmore at 6 p.m. this Friday at Opening Tap.

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