Chef Bobby Saritsoglou Rolls Out New Menus At Opa And Drury Beer Garden

Apparently Greek stromboli is a thing now.

Peinirli from Opa

Peinirli from Opa

It’s been just about a year since chef Bobby Saritsoglou took over the kitchen at Opa. And now, he’s making some changes to the original menu he rolled out, and adding a few things to the board at Drury Beer Garden as well.

One of the biggest things he’s trying? Making peinirli, which is being described as, essentially, Greek stromboli.

And ok, that’s not a terrible description (in that stromboli is a thing that most people around here would recognize), but this odd, boat-shaped, open-topped traditional Greek snack is really a lot more like Georgian khachapuri (a reference that far fewer people would understand), which is most often referred to as a Russian pizza or cheese bread or calzone.

Anyway, one of the two versions Saritsoglou has on the new menu is stuffed with cheese, lamb bacon and egg, making it vaguely stromboli-ish. The other has cheese, tomato, oregano and onion which is also stromboli-ish, but in a completely different way. Both of them sound awesome, and I kind of want them right now.

Other additions to the Opa menu include a nice avgolemono soup and a larger spread of souvlaki, including a new one with chicken liver and sweetbreads, wrapped in shoestring potatoes and fried.

At Drury, they’re now doing whole-table feasts (minimum of 6 people) and offering a spread of steamed PEI mussels, craft beer, garlic, fresh corn, yukon potato, fresh herbs, garlic bread for $25 a head, and a pig roast at $35 per person, with broccoli rabe and fresh foccacia rolls on the side.