Poutine On The Ritts

How many places have you been to where you’re asked if you want a burger on the side rather than the fries? Well, at Shoo Fry, the new build-your-own french fry bar opening in Rittenhouse, the fries are the main event.

After discovering the splendors of poutine on a trip to Canada, owners Matt and Rachel Baiada decided it was time for Philly to have its own fry place—only it would have more than just poutine.

The open-ended menu at Shoo Fry will give diners a choice of a fry cut (like classic, curly, wedges, or ribbon), a choice of a protein (like pulled pork or cheesesteak), and then a variety of fresh, house-made sauces, toppings, and cheeses. Shoo Fry will also have some tried-and-true signature creations on the menu, much like at Cold Stone Creamery (the Baiadas own one in Delaware County). And for sides, Shoo Fry will have a variety of sliders and milkshakes.

Back in 2013, Shoo Fry was a pop-up shop at the King of Prussia Mall for six months, and once their lease was up, the Baiadas were looking for somewhere permanent to stay. Just three weeks ago, they officially found their new space on 132 S 17th Street, replacing Underdogs, the hot dog and sausage shop that closed just last week.

Because the building was a hot dog shop, the Baiadas don’t have too much construction work to do aside from some cosmetic changes like redoing the floors, exposing the brick walls, and possibly getting a graffiti artist to jazz up the space. They are anticipating opening Shoo Fry in May.

Shoo Fry [Official]