Updates From Bar Bombon

Bar Bombon is now offering brunch and has a new chef.

BombonPancakesBar Bombon now offers Brunch | Photo courtesy At Media

I had no particular love for Bar Bombon when I reviewed it a couple months back. But you know what one of the great things about the restaurant business is? Every day can be a clean slate. Every day can be an opportunity for moving in a better direction.

And that’s just what Bar Bombon appears to be doing.

For starters, there’s brunch. Beginning this weekend, the vegan bar and restaurant will be diving into the one meal for which veganism is the easiest fit. I mean seriously, no matter what your dietary choices might be, who has ever complained about a big plate of pancakes in the morning. And the only thing that makes pancakes better? Washing them down with a michelada (or three).

Bombon will be doing brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, from 11am to 3pm. And here are some of the dishes (and drinks) that they’ll be featuring:

French Toast: Sourdough Banana Toast, Coconut Whip Cream, Maple syrup

Pancakes: Lady apples, Toasted Pecan and Date Molasses

Cauliflower Taco: Buffalo Cauliflower, refried black beans, avocado and shaved onion

Porridge: Quinoa & Sunflower with Papaya and grilled Grapefruit

Grits: Maple glazed Sun-Chokes and Chorizo

Tofu Scramble: Roasted Poblano, Oyster Mushrooms, Salsa Verde, served with Tortillas,
Avocado and Breakfast Potato

Brunch Booze:

My Beeting-Heart: Beet Juice, Lemon Juice, Apple Liquor, Mezcal

Michelada: Bloody Maria House Mix, Negra Modelo Garnished With Vegetable &
Tequila Marinated Seitan Skewer

Verde Maria: House Green Bloody Mary Mix, Pepper Infused Vodka, Garnished with
Smoked Jalapeno Tempe and Pickled Pearl Onions.

Ok, so I’m a little concerned about having beets and mezcal for breakfast (why would someone do that to themselves?), but the rest of it? It looks pretty solid. And frankly, with the overabundance of shrimp-and-grits plates in this town, maple-glazed sunchoke and grits sounds like a refreshing change.

More changes: Chef Chris Allen has been in the kitchen at Bombon since January. The current menu is already vastly different than the one the kitchen was working from when I was there for my review (a lot more interesting uses of vegetables, a lot less dependence on fake meats), but he’s apparently going to be releasing a fully re-worked menu in the coming weeks.

I’m looking forward to it. Philly has so many remarkable options right now for fans of vegetables that I’m really hoping Bombon can double-down on their commitment to vegan cooking and come up with something that puts them more in line with some of the city’s best restaurants.

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