TV Party Tonight: Local Chef Aila Devowe On “Recipe For Deception” Tonight

Aila Devowe at Open Stove.

Aila Devowe at Open Stove.

“Recipe For Deception” is a new cooking competition show on Bravo. It debuted in January, and has already been drawing some big names (and not only because, with Top Chef, Bravo has become a kind of celebrity-chef-minting machine).

It’s one of those deals where a bunch of chefs are brought into the kitchen and forced to cook against each other until only one is left standing. There are secret ingredients, and some kind of gimmick where the chefs don’t actually know their own secret ingredient, only everyone else’s, and they have to play 20 questions with the other chefs in order to figure out what their ingredient is. Also, I think the chef’s can lie which, to me, just seems like a recipe for things to get all stabby.

Ha. Recipe. You see what I did there? Wordplay…

Anyway, the third episode is airing tonight and it stars one of our own, Aila Devowe, who’s there to represent Philly in general and, more specifically, Cantina Los Cabalitos where she is currently the chef de cuisine. Frankly, we think that Devowe has an unfair advantage here, having already participated in one of our Open Stove nights at COOK–a cooking competition where lying, cheating and stealing (and drinking, and yelling and being forced to cook with gummy bears) are all just par for the course.

Anyway, the show airs tonight on Bravo at 10pm Eastern. So check it out and watch Devowe wipe the floor with these other, non-Open-Stove-trained amateurs. I’m sure they’ll never see her coming.

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