CUPS App Launching in Philadelphia

Big news for coffee lovers: CUPS, the app that allows customers to prepay for their coffee and specialty drinks from local cafés, is coming to Philadelphia.

In early February, CUPS will officially launch in Philly and is already partnered with several shops including Square One, Green Street Coffee Roasters, Bodhi, and OCF, with plenty more to come.

Essentially, while at the café, you can easily order your drink, add on any food you’d like, and tip the barista right on the app. The barista then enters a code for you within the app that allows you to pay for your order.

There are two plans users can choose from: Basic, which includes brew, drip, and iced coffee as well as tea, and All Drinks, which includes all of the basic drinks plus specialty drinks.

For both plans, you can choose to either pre-pay for five cups at $11 for Basic and $18 for All Drinks, fifteen cups (discounted in honor of the launch) at $15 for basic and $30 for All Drinks, or you can pay a flat monthly rate for an unlimited amount of drinks at $90 for Basic and $120 for All Drinks.

If you want to sign up to be the first to know about the launch date (and maybe even get some free coffee), you can go here.

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