Everybody Is Talking About Chef Brian Ricci and Here’s One Reason Why

Chef Brian Ricci creates a "Pop In-Dian" dinner inspired by Indian Cuisine with a side of Brooklyn Brewery beers

No, seriously. It’s tough to go anywhere in the city right now where people care about food and not hear Brian Ricci‘s name getting tossed around. A lot of it has to do with his excellent day-to-day work at Brick & Mortar, but then there’s also stuff like this.

In addition to their new seasonal fall menu, Brick And Mortar will be hosting chef Brian Ricci’sPop In-dian” dinner on Wednesday Oct. 7th and Thursday Oct. 8th.

So what the hell is a Pop In-dian dinner? Glad you asked. It’s an special menu meant to exercise Ricci’s diverse culinary background by pairing the flavorful spices of Indian street fare with select beers from Brooklyn Brewery. Ricci mixes tastes of Indian cuisine with specially crafted brews to complement the flavors.

His menu items will include dishes like chicken coconut curry with an East India pale ale, vegetable samosa with Green Market wheat ale, bean tamarind coriander salad with some Sorachi Ace, and for desert? Coconut kulfi lime popsicles with a black chocolate stout.

Check out the details (and a full pairing menu) here. And if you need more information, you can find Brick & Mortar’s info below.

Brick & Mortar [official]