A Creative Way To Make The Beloved Beer Can Sustainable

The Trestle Inn hosts a pop-up beer can garden to create it's own garden of beer cans

11910358_697066010393102_1179145357_nIn honor of DesignPhiladelphia’s upcoming, annual Pearl St. Passage festival covering the streets of Chinatown and North Callowhill neighborhood, retro whiskey and go-go bar, The Trestle Inn, is hosting We Can, a pop-up beer garden to help the city find creative ways to reuse and “upcycle” aluminum beer cans.

The Trestle Inn, located at the corner of 11th and Callowhill Streets, teamed up with MIO to create this event as a “playful tongue-in-cheek response” to the growing number of pop-up beer gardens surfacing the streets of Philadelphia.

Starting Thursday Oct. 8th and Friday Oct. 9th from 2pm-8pm, and continuing through Saturday Oct. 10th, from 12pm-8pm and Sunday Oct. 11th from 12pm-5pm, the Trestle Inn will transform their street from a grey strip of urban sidewalk into a green sanctuary by creating an installation to sell 16oz craft beers–then repurposing those cans into art.

All 16oz beer cans will be provided by Old Forge Brewing Company of Danville, PA and sold for $5. Once empty, those cans will then be transformed into hydroponic planters as a mission to inspire the community to utilize the humble beer can as a creative effort towards the city’s sustainability. All plants will be supplied by South Philadelphia’s Hydro-Pose Studios.

The We Can event invites the community to create their own ideas and share photos on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #wecanphilly to stream additional ideas and efforts towards creativity and sustainability.

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