Bad News In Chestnut Hill: Heirloom Closes


What with all the Pope excitement and everything else going on around here, this sad news snuck right by us. But last Friday, the crew at Heirloom sent along a message that they’d shut down their Chestnut Hill BYO after a run that’d lasted more than three years.

“We have cherished the evenings and brunches we have spent providing you with our very best and will miss the intimate setting of Heirloom in making these memories.”

Trey Popp gave the place two stars back in 2012, talking about the difficulty it had with defining itself in an age when every restaurant seemed to be a farm-to-table New American operation, but giving credit to exec chef Al Paris for his vision. “Heirloom [is] a place to explore the ‘American culinary songbook,'” he wrote, “from spoonbread to tuxedo cake, Depression-era pocket buns to Charleston shrimp-and-scallop purloo, and Anson Mills in South Carolina to Benton’s bacon in Tennessee.”

Still, it survived where a lot of other, less grounded copy-cats did not. At least until last weekend. The good news? It looks like most of the crew (including chef Paul Martin, who’d been running the Heirloom kitchen for a year) is getting shuffled around to other properties within the group, including Paris Bistro and Green Soul. But most notably, Martin himself will now be running the show at their new Southern-food-and-jazz operation, South.

The Closing Message From Heirloom [Official]
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