New Menus And A New Season At Volver

Here's a first look at the full 12-course tasting menu to get you ready.


Menu testing at Volver | Photos by Joni Nimrod


A couple weeks back, we got the chance to bop over to Volver and sit in on one of their menu testing sessions for the new season. It was a pretty cool experience (read: super-cool, and basically one of my favorite parts of this job–getting to witness the way chefs think and work when they’re not in the thick of service), and also represented our first look at what the menu at Volver might look like in this new season.

Well now, with the scheduled resumption of service set for Wednesday night, we have the full menu for you to look at.


Fall 2015 – 12 Course Volver Menu, $150 per person.

A couple quick observations:

  • Obviously, we don’t know much about the prep and plating here, but with Justin Bogle heavily involved in the design (and after getting to see his influences early on), this menu does feel a bit more directly tied to the land and the flavor of the seasons than the previous menu. I’m guessing that influence is going to extend to the plating and presentation as well–though I do know Garces still has those folded hands plates in his inventory.
  • The 8-course pre-theatre menu looks exactly like this one, minus one amuse, the Dippin’ Dots, Heirloom Squash and Guinea Hen. Also, no parsnip brulee on the dessert spread.
  • There’s not a single course here repeated from the former menu. We’d originally heard that they might be retaining one or two, but obviously that is no longer the case. And good for them. Much as I’d like to have that Milk & Cereal course again.

Reservations are being taken now. Bar Volver is already open, and the main dining room will begin serving on September 2nd.

The 12-course menu is $150 per person, the 8-course menu is $95.

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