Final Call For Asparagus


Asparagus Soup at Pub & Kitchen | Photo via Pub & Kitchen

Sure, we’re excited about summer and the food truck festivals and pop-up beer gardens that come with it, but we’ll miss our spring favorites.

Asparagus, that harbinger of spring, now marks the beginning of summer as its harvest ends. Here are a few spots where you can bid adieu to asparagus before it’s all gone.

Eli Collins at Pub and Kitchen is serving up a chilled asparagus soup with rhubarb, queso fresco, and almonds.

Palladino’s is offering asparagus two ways in a single dish for it’s late spring menu. The plate includes savory asparagus flan, truffled egg salad, shaved asparagus, lemon, Ligurian oil, shaved parmigiano.

A.Kitchen’s new Express lunch menu, which we wrote about yesterday offers a chilled asparagus soup accompanied by a fried eggplant cutlet.

Have another favorite asparagus dish, tell us in the comments.