All-You-Can-Eat Crawfish Boil at The Foodery

Boiled Crawfish

You can literally eat this many crawfish if you want/ can.

Tonight marks the official start of The Foodery Rittenhouse‘s Thursday Crawfish Boil. Every thursday from 5-10pm for just $20 you can eat boiled crawfish to your heart’s content.

No, seriously. This is all-you-can-eat crawfish. You may know crawfish by one of their other regional names, like “crayfish,” “crawdad,” “freshwater lobster,” or my personal favorite, “mudbug.” Either way, when they’re boiled, they just taste like teeny lobsters and they’re wonderful.

Check it out on Facebook or, if you already understand what a deal this is, just make your plans now to get to The Foodery for tonight’s inaugural boil of the season.

The Foodery Rittenhouse [official]