Food Delivery in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is suddenly awash in food delivery services. Want to know how to get food from your favorite restaurant to your gullet, stat? Consider this your new bible.

A $184.99 dinner for four from Fat Ham. Photograph by Jason Varney

A $184.99 dinner for four from Fat Ham. Photograph by Jason Varney

The Rundown: Foodler works with casual eateries like Chinese restaurants, pizza joints and delis.
Delivery Area: Philadelphia and select suburbs
Restaurant Highlights: Han Dynasty, Jane G’s, Dim Sum Garden
Pros: Instant rebates; Amazon-like customer-feedback ratings.
Cons: The limited selection and — in some cases — the quality of restaurants available.
Fees: Free to $7.99

The Rundown: Thanks to a recent partnership with Yelp, you can now see what Yelpers think of your dinner choices.
Delivery Area: Philadelphia and select suburbs
Restaurant Highlights: Rotisseur, Grubhouse, Smile Café, Scoop DeVille
Pros: Excellent filtering on the site — you can search, for instance, by free delivery or Yelp ratings.
Cons: Not a lot of high-end options.
Fees: Free to $5

The Rundown: This service, which recently launched in Philly, vets a fleet of couriers and only works with top-tier restaurants.
Delivery Area: Most of Philadelphia
Restaurant Highlights: High Street on Market, Dizengoff, HipCityVeg
Pros: Gorgeous photography on the site; high-end restaurants; GPS tracking of your driver through the app.
Cons: Some restaurants selectively mark up individual items.
Fees: $4.99 flat rate

The Rundown: GrubHub recently acquired DiningIn, so the offerings here are plentiful (1,500-plus).
Delivery Area: Philadelphia and select suburbs
Restaurant Highlights: Many Garces and Starr restaurants
Pros: Communication: You’ll be pinged (via text or app) when your order is picked up and on its way.
Cons: With so many restaurants available, choices can feel overwhelming — you have to know exactly what you want.
Fees: Free to $15

The Rundown: A do-all service that will pick up food from literally any restaurant. As with Uber, a courier has to “accept” your request.
Delivery Area: Greater Center City
Restaurant Highlights: Shake Shack, Chipotle, Honeygrow, Pizzeria Vetri, Capogiro, Sweetgreen
Pros: Quick service; works with virtually any restaurant; real-time order tracking.
Cons: The occasional price surging and dependence on a courier accepting your request. (They don’t always.)
Fees: 9 percent service fee plus a $5 to $9 delivery fee
The Rundown: Launched in 2008 by two locals, this service employs its own fleet of reliable drivers.
Delivery Area: Most of the Main Line and many western suburbs, like KOP
Restaurant Highlights: Susanna Foo, White Dog Cafe, Savona
Pros: Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for special promotions.
Cons: Interface needs some sprucing-up; the company raises the prices of some menu items.
Fees: $2.99 to $6.99

Originally published as “Feed Me” in the April 2015 issue of Philadelphia magazine.