Chinatown Restaurant Sickens Lawyers’s Sam Wood has the story on a severe case of food poisoning that struck nearly 100 lawyers and Temple University law students in Chinatown last month. An eight-course dinner at Joy Tsin Lau was held as a fundraiser for the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association and the outcome was severe.

Several attendees had to seek medical attention and David S. Haase, a Center City lawyer, told Wood that “a combination of non-stop puking and explosive diarrhea kept him bedridden for four days.”

This isn’t the first time Joy Tsin Lau has run afoul of the city’s restaurant inspectors. On February 10th, an inspection included the damning comment, “This inspection has revealed that the establishment is not in satisfactory compliance and that current management practices have allowed unacceptable public health or food safety conditions.” In 2010, the City’s Health Department sued the restaurant for being a public nuisance and issued it a cease-and-desist order.

Owner Chi Mabel Chan told Wood that it wasn’t the restaurant’s fault, and “maybe they got cold or drank too much.”

So to those who claim food poisoning every time they get a stomach bug, this is what real food poisoning looks like, days of exploding orifices and crippling intestinal pain. And as for 100 lawyers deciding not to sue, we hope you don’t get disbarred.

Dozens sickened at banquet, but city can say little []