Wine Week: Okay, Now This Is Just Totally Bonkers

FLX Wienery popping up for one night only at Alla Spina

FLXLogoNow this is the way that Wine Week ought to be celebrated.

For one night only, the crew at Alla Spina are bringing in chef, manager and Master Sommelier Chris Bates from FLX Wienery in the Finger Lakes to do a special Wine Week menu.

First things first, check out this guy’s bio: “Christopher Bates not only helmed one of the country’s greatest wine programs as General Manager and Executive Chef of 5 star Hotel Fauchere, but won the International Best Young Sommelier competition.” He then went on to bail out of the hotel scene and open a “Modern Hot-Doggery” where he could sling wieners and dogs for a living, which is just awesome.

Second things second, you’ve got to take a look at the menu being offered tonight. There are two options–drop in at the bar for a snack, or sit down in the dining room at Alla Spina for a full tasting menu, with pairings, of course.

FLX Wienery Pop Up at Alla Spina

Thursday, March 26

WIENERS (Zweigle’s white or Shirk’s smoked red hot)
whole hog: cheese curds, egg, fried onion, corn relish, bacon, chipotle mayo, herbs $9.95
kraut: brown mustard, kraut, fried onions, herbs $6.95

FRESH GROUND BURGERS (choice of black bean, beef, or chicken)
all american: lettuce, tomato, american cheese, bacon, egg, corn relish, herbs, chipotle mayo* $11.95
k-town: kimchi, fried egg, korean bbq, miso mayo, cilantro* $10.95
peanut burger: peanut butter, bacon, american cheese, fried onions* $11.50
* add a lucy juicy – 5 slices american cheese…fried $4

fresh cut fries: $4.75
lake salt: $4.75
smoked: $4.75
royal: truffle mayo, parm, foie gras, parsley
spicy onion rings $8.75
fried cheese curds $6.75

crispy nutella $1.25ea
bacon caramel milkshake $5.95

3 Course Tasting menu

$25 // pick one per course:
Add a “not wine” pairing for $15: vermouth, sherry, madeira

1st course
fried cheese curds
royal fries

2nd course

3rd course
crispy nutella

They’re doing rolling seating tonight so there’s no set times, but reservations are suggested, so you might want to get on that now.

Alla Spina [f8b8z]