Instacart Adds More Reading Terminal Vendors

instacart-rtmInstacart, which we were just sending good vibes out to yesterday about how they allow us to shop local merchants from the comfort of home, has added more than ten new Reading Terminal Market merchants and vendors. Among the highlights, Beiler’s Bakery and Donuts and Riehls Deli and Cheese Shop. These vendors join the likes of La Divisa Meats and Iovine Produce as available vendors at the Terminal.

  • Beiler’s Bakery and Donuts
  • Franks A Lot
  • Hatville Deli
  • Kamal’s Middle Eastern Specialties
  • L. Halteman Family Country Foods
  • Lancaster County Dairy
  • OK Produce
  • Olympia Gyro
  • Riehls Deli and Cheese Shop
  • Smucker’s Quality Meats & Grill
  • Spataro’s Cheesesteaks
  • Sweet as Fudge Candy Shoppe
  • The Original Turkey
  • Tootsie’s Salad Express

Reading Terminal Market [Instacart]