The Whip Tavern Serves New Private Label Cider

The Whip will be replacing their old Strongbow with a new exclusive cider.

Celebrating its 10 yeWhip_Tavernar anniversary, the Whip Tavern will begin serving its own private label house cider called For Fox Sake (get it?). The cider is made at Big Hill Ciderworks in Gardners, PA, and is exclusively available at the Whip.

So why did they do this? Because for the longest time, Strongbow was the Whip’s house cider. But in 2013, Heineken bought the producer of Strongbow, sweetened the cider for the American market and, arguably, ruined the hell out of it.

“Strongbow had been one of our best-selling beverages prior to the purchase by Heineken USA,” Owner KC Kulp said. “The new flavors now released under the Strongbow Gold brand are nothing like the original and far too sweet for us.”

Owners Kulp and Luke Allen wanted to find a replacement off-dry cider to complement their English specialties served at the tavern. And For Fox Sake (which has no added sugars or flavors) is what they came up with.

And hey, you can feel good about drinking this cider, too, because 50 cents of every pint sold will be donated to the Brandywine Conservancy to preserve open space and habitat. The conservancy currently maintains over 5,000 acres of Chester County property.

For Fox Sake is available now at the Whip Tavern.

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