Juniper Commons Has A Menu And An Opening Date

I think it’s fair to say that we’re pretty excited to see what Kevin Sbraga can do with his idea of opening a throwback restaurant featuring the cuisine of the 80’s. We’ve gotten a few details over the past couple months about Juniper Commons (most recently, some interior shots), but a whole bunch more just got released.

So here’s what we know…

First off, we have an opening date. Sbraga and chef Greg Garbacz will be opening the doors on Monday, December 8. So yeah, NEXT MONDAY. Man, that was a fast build-out…

Second, we know some elements of the menu. We’ve already talked about the miniature make-your-own-salad bars, the shellfish towers, tableside caesar salads for two, and the desserts inspired by Sbraga’s father’s bakery, Harvey’s.

But now we have some more menu items. Granted, these are preliminary (and this isn’t the full board, obviously), but it still looks as awesome as parachute pants.

Juniper Commons Menu

American Caviar Service

warm blinis, toast, crème fraiche, chopped egg, parsley, red onion, and lemon

Stuffed Flounder

blue crab imperial, beurre leger, and green beans

Chicken Pot Pie

puff pastry and root vegetables

Surf & Turf

half of a grilled Maine lobster, ribeye steak, drawn butter, and house steak sauce

Baked Potato
marrow butter, parsley, bread crumbs, and crème fraiche

Grilled Poached Artichokes
lemon aioli, cilantro, oregano, and parmesan bread crumbs

Also, we have some details from the bar. We know that it’s going to be gin-heavy (yay!), and feature homemade wine coolers (take that Bartles & Jaymes), but now we’ve got a few of the cocktails as well.

Juniper Commons Cocktails

Aces High
Aviation Gin, sloe gin, and lime

Easy Like Sunday Morning
Hayman’s Gin, herbal tea, spiced syrup, lemon, and bubbles

Flying Caucasian
Aviation Gin, Elixer Coffee Syrup, touch of cream

Wine Coolers


pinot noir, apple brandy, blackberry, and pomegranate

chardonnay, gin, roasted pear, ginger, and vanilla

At open, Juniper Commons will be open for dinner only, 7 nights a week, from 5pm to 10pm. Lunch and brunch services are coming, but are still a ways off. If you need to find any of us next week, you know where we’ll be.

Juniper Commons [f8b8z]