Drink Up, Penn Kids: Fresh Grocer to Sell Beer

The Fresh Grocer — FroGro, as Penn students call it — at 40th and Walnut will begin stocking beer sometime in the next few weeks.

Finally, a place for Penn students to get beer!

An employee at the Fresh Grocer’s 40th and Walnut location confirmed to The Daily Pennsylvanian that the location will start selling beer in a few weeks. A search of the PLCB database found a liquor license for the Fresh Grocer.

Not since the Wawa at 38th and Spruce stopped selling beer in 2001 has there been a place so convenient to campus to get drunk! Besides bars! And Allegros! Laugh if you want, but anyone who has been between the ages of 19 and 23 knows the importance of a beer place close by, so you can more quickly duck out of your place, get take-out beer, and return.

The Fresh Grocer can sell beer thanks to a 2010 Supreme Court ruling upholding beer sales at Wegmans locations. Supermarkets with restaurant-style food operations inside have started to sell beer.

This is why we now have beer sales at the Port Richmond Thriftway and the Acme at 19th and Oregon.

FroGro, as Penn kids call it because that sounds better than FreGro, has been in operation at 40th and Walnut since the spring of 2001. It was originally supposed to be called Freshgrocer.com. There is also pending license for the Fresh Grocer at 56th and Chestnut.

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