Where to Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey (or Entire Thanksgiving Meal) In Philly

If you’re not the cooking-Thanksgiving-dinner type–or if you just want to fool everyone into thinking you are–Philly’s food scene is down to help you out. There are plenty of places out there willing to supply you with everything you need to convince your friends and loved ones that you know how to use your oven for something more than warming your pants on winter mornings.

And if you do want to cook the turkey, then there are also places to get your fresh, heritage turkey needs filled by local farms and stores.

Check it all out below. And remember: Many of these places need a significant amount of advance notice, so pre-order now and don’t get caught scrambling later.

Percy Street Barbecue 

Percy Street is selling 15-pound smoked turkeys, which come with homemade gravy and cranberry sauce. Sides available for order include cornbread and sausage stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows, collard greens, baked apples, and pecan pie.

Also, for every turkey Percy Street BBQ sells, they will donate a turkey to a family in need. The turkey alone costs $75, while the turkey along with all the side dishes is $250. Order by November 19th and pick up the bird and dishes on Wednesday, November 26th. The meal feeds 6 to 8 people.

Di Bruno Bros.

Di Bruno Bros. offers holiday catering for Turkey Day, along with specials like heritage turkeys, truffles and various other holiday treats. If you plan on having Di Bruno Bros. cater your Thanksgiving (and you plan on spending over $300), place your order before Saturday, November 15th and get 10% discounted.

The Heritage Breed Spanish Black Turkeys sold at Di Bruno Bros. are raised on small North Carolina farms without hormones or antibiotics and fed an all-vegetarian diet. They are also selling Turkey Braciola, a boneless roulade of free-range turkey breast stuffed with dark meat, turkey sausage and herbs that is roasted and served sliced with giblet gravy and All-Natural, Slow-Roasted Turkeys with sides such as salted caramel root vegetables,  maple-bourbon brussels sprouts and sweet potato gratin.

Fette Sau Philly

The Pennsylvania-raised turkeys are brined for 48 hours and smoked for 3 hours–perfect for those of us who are not so much kitchen-friendly. Sweet potato mash, green beans with red pearl onions, stuffing with Nicolosi hot Italian sausage, and house-made gravy are among the sides included with the full meal, which serves 10-12 people for $210.

If you’re not interested in faking the whole thing, you can always just buy just the bird (with complimentary gravy) for $95.

Frecon Farms

These turkeys come in a variety of sizes ranging from small (13-15 lb., feeds 8-10 with leftovers) to extra large (22+ lb., feeds 14-16 people with leftovers). If ordering with Frecon, your local pasture-raised turkey will be available for pickup on November 25th or 26th. Turkeys from this farm cost $3.79 per pound.

Frecon is also offering holiday breads and desserts from their bakery, ranging from sweet breads and rolls to pumpkin and apple walnut pies.

Fair Food

Fair Food has a ton of turkey options available, with their naturally-raised turkey costing $3.09 per pound. Side dishes and sweets include items from Wild Flour Bakery, Weckerly’s Ice Cream and Philly Muffin. And gluten-free Thanksgiving eaters? No need to sweat it. Fair Food has got a selection of gluten-free treats to order as well.

Kimberton Whole Foods

Kimberton Whole Foods is offering organic and all-natural turkeys from Koch’s Turkey Farm at $4.99 per pound. These turkeys are raised antibiotic-free, organic birds. Also available for order is just the turkey breast, with Natural turkey breast running $5.99 per pound and organic turkey breast priced at $6.99 per pound.

Weavers Way Co-op

Weavers Way is selling three types of turkey – Esbenshade Turkeys at $2.55 per lb., Koch’s Heirloom Bronze Turkeys at $3.49 per lb., and Empire Kosher Turkeys at $3.99 per lb. Weaver’s Way also offers a slew of side dishes for order, such mashed potatoes, honey-mustard glazed Brussels sprouts, wild rice with toasted pecans and wild cherries, gingered pumpkin soup, and apple sage stuffing. They’ve got your dessert covered too with various types of apple pie (double crusted, crumb or pear cranberry), pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, chocolate pecan pie, and others.

Weavers Way will also supply you with fully cooked herb-roasted boneless turkey breast if you pre-order it at $14.99 per pound.

Green Aisle Grocery

Green Aisle Grocery offers more than just turkey – although they are selling Green Meadows farm fresh turkeys from 15-25 lbs. for $5.25 per pound. This year, Green Aisle is also selling 5-10 lb.  Green Meadows ducks at $10 per pound, as well as 10-15 lb.  capon at $7 per pound. Order at Green Aisle by November 17th, and pick up your bird on November 25th. Sides are also available for the holiday – which feed four people apiece – such as herbed mashed potatoes, spiced mashed sweet potatoes, sage walnut sourdough stuffing, and fresh cranberry sauce.

Desserts such as Nutella pie, apple pie, butterscotch pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin eclairs are also for sale. Ice cream from Little Baby’s and Weckerly’s would also be a good choice for dessert, with flavors such as Pumpkin Curry, Sweet Potato Burnt Marshmallow and Cranberry Sage Swirl available.

Linvilla Orchards

Linvilla Orchards is selling various sizes of organic free-range turkey or turkey breast as well. But when it comes to Thanksgiving pies, Linvilla takes the cake: they’re selling 30 different flavors of the sweet stuff. Chocolate Chip Pecan, Peach Melba, Dutch Apple, and Sweet Potato Crunch are among the flavors available, as well as no-sugar added and cream pies. To place an order with Linvilla, call 610-876-7116.

Bolton Farm Market

While this turkey isn’t certified organic, the Bolton turkey is loved for its locally farmed goodness and does sell out fast every year. Call 215-257-6047 to get yours now.