Coyote Crossing Discovers Mezcal (Except Not Really)


So we just received a press release here at Foobooz World HQ. It came from the good folks at Conshohocken’s Coyote Crossing. And while there was some news in there about a new $250,000 renovation, staff changes and blah blah blah, the bit that really caught our eye was this (and yes, the bold type is all theirs):

Besides the restaurant’s reputation for serving great food, Coyote Crossing is also known for its unique signature drinks. “What sets us apart is not only the authenticity of our menu, but also the mission we have in our mixology program to really create something special for patrons to enjoy with their meal,” says Melendez.

That something special is Coyote Crossing’s introduction of Mezcal, a distilled alcoholic beverage, similar to Tequila and made from agave plants. Mezcal is already a hit in places such as Mexico City. In fact, it’s beating out Tequila as the fastest growing spirit in Mexico with its 200-plus Mezcal bars and is quickly gaining momentum in the U.S. Coyote Crossing is the only bar in the Philadelphia area now featuring Mezcal.

This, I imagine, would come as quite a surprise to the following bars and restaurants–all of whom have emailed us in the past two months to talk about their mezcal offerings.

Oyster House
Stratus Lounge
The Treemont
Lucha Cartel
Abe Fisher
Sancho Pistola’s
Jose Pistola’s
Franklin Mortgage
London Grill

And that’s not counting the dozens of bars and restaurants just plain old serving mezcal that we found by doing some simple Google searching. Or the places we know to go and get our favorite mezcal (that would be Del Maguey for me, which has been being imported into the U.S. for almost 20 years). Or Dock Street which just launched its own brand of mezcal (Vicio) in June.

But hey, if you’re in Conshy and looking to try this unique and up-and-coming spirit that’s taking Mexico by storm, Coyote Crossing is your place.

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