Where Are the Best Nachos in Philadelphia?

Loco Pez Nachos | Photo by  Jeff. Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

Loco Pez Nachos | Photo by Jeff Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

Search for nachos on Foobooz and you’re going to get some old and out of date information. Duck nachos at Rae (remember Rae?). A 2009 nacho crawl and a years ago request from commenters for their favorite nachos. Best Nachos? It’s never even been a Best of Philly category. And yet, it seems at least half the bars we visit offer nachos of one kind or another. We have ones stand out, the Nachos de Kenzo at Loco Pez. We like the new nachos at Jose Pistola’s as much as we miss the old ones. There’s the standards at both Cantinas. But with so many, we’re not sure we’ve discovered the best. So we ask you, faithful Foobooz readers, what are your favorite nachos in Philadelphia?

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