Greatest Hits and What You Missed: The LeSean McCoy Tipping Story, Avance Reopens, Gordon Ramsay To AC, La Colombe, Chipotle Strike

Okay, so obviously the big news of the week (whether you like it or not) was the LeSean McCoy/PYT/Charlie Sheen tipping kerfuffle–all of which is linked below. But believe it or not, some other stuff happened, too. Here’s what you might’ve missed.

The LeSean McCoy/PYT/Charlie Sheen Tipping Kerfuffle Everything you need to know (and more)

Avance Reopens Yeah, we were a little surprised, too

Chops Opens At Comcast Center And we have the details

The Anti-Restaurant Week List 22 excellent Center City Restaurants NOT participating

Capital Teas Coming To Philly A tea bar? Yeah, a tea bar

Gastronaut: We Like To Watch Open kitchens vs. closed kitchens

La Colombe Is Taking Over The World Expansion plans and a multi-million dollar investment

Penn State Chipotle Workers Strike They cite “sweat shop” conditions (though I’m not sure they really know what “sweat shop” means)

Gordon Ramsay Opening A Restaurant In Atlantic City But hasn’t A.C. suffered enough?

The Revisit: Vedge Consider the radish