The Dirt: What to Get at the Farmers Market This Weekend


To be honest, you don’t really need me this week. Between the buckets of gladiolas, piles of peppers and cucumbers, and box after box of fragrant tomatoes, it’s kind of impossible to go to a farmer’s market this week and not immediately see how much good stuff is out there. Here are a few things that you should make sure not to overlook.

Apricots – Pennsylvanians are never going to see the volume of apricots that Californians do, but even with that said, this was not an apricot year. Harsh winter, late frost, blah blah blah. The ones

that pulled through were not terribly numerous. Three Springs had them for just two weeks, and Beechwood’s supply is dwindling, but if you’ve missed them so far stop by the Clark Park or the

Rittenhouse markets this Saturday. Frecon Fruit Farm still has them, as does Eden Garden, so you still have a shot at some sunshine.

Donut Peaches – No. This is not Federal Donuts’ latest project, as much as I would like to see a Federal Donuts donut peach donut. Also called Saturn peaches, donut peaches are adorable, squat little things with pits the size of jelly beans. Bursting with juice and not as fibrous as round peach varieties, they’re somewhat fragile so they’re typically sold in green paper quart containers, but they are not to be missed if you see them.

Garlic – First we looked forward to spring garlic, then to garlic scapes, now we’re starting to see the first garlic bulbs of the year! Blooming Glen farm (Headhouse) has heads of uncured garlic (looks like garlic, tastes like garlic, but without the papery husk), and Savoie Organic Farm (Collingswood, Headhouse) has a few different heirloom varieties.

Berries– Strawberries are long gone, but this is the moment to load up on every other kind of berry your antioxidant-loving self can think of. Raspberries have been available at markets for several weeks now, but we saw the first blackberries of the year this past weekend at Clark Park on Forest View Bakery’s table. Shenk’s Berry Farm just down the way has raspberries, and everywhere you look blueberries are going stronger than bunch of five-year olds with popsicles.

Brassicas – Super healthy and sulfurous in the best way possible, there are some bangin’ brassicas out there this week. Homestead Gardens (Overbrook & Clark Park) has broccoli and spicy mustard greens. Prefer to get your vitamins in coleslaw form? Rineer Family Farm (Rittenhouse & Chestnut Hill) has gorgeous cabbages, and 2 Gander Farm (Bryn Mawr) has mini, single serving red and green cabbages.

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