So… What Do You Know?


You ever stumble across a great piece of restaurant news and just can’t wait to tell someone about it? Whether it’s spotting a new liquor license, hearing about a chef on the move, discovering another shuttered Matt Swartz restaurant or just learning that your weird uncle is opening up a combination massage parlor and cheesesteak shop on the Main Line, Foobooz should be your first call.

Why? Because we’re Philly’s home for food and restaurant (and beer) news. Because we believe in the obsessive fascination that you all have with this city’s incredible restaurant scene and love the idea of having thousands of eyes out on the street, keeping track of all the daily strangeness that makes food such an endlessly engaging topic. And because if you come up with something super-good, we might just send you out a t-shirt or something.

So, if you see something, say something–just like they tell you on the train. You can find us on Twitter, on Facebook or, better still, right here at the Official Foobooz Tips Department.

All Your Tips Are Belong To Us [The Foobooz Tip Line]