The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Even though it’s time to say goodbye to strawberries for another year, there’s so much great stuff popping up at farmer’s markets this week that I’m not sure you’ll even notice they’re gone. Expect a shift away from the early-season goodies like spinach and spring garlic for now, but some real summer favorites are here for you just in time to stock up for the holiday ahead…

Cherries – Dark, sweet cherries are popping up on the tables at Frecon Farms, Beechwood Orchards, and Three Springs Fruit farm, so regardless of which market you call your own you’re almost guaranteed to see some this weekend. Don’t expect them to be around forever this year though. Frost damage from that harsh, never-ending winter we had means that cherry season is likely to be very short this year. But hopefully very sweet, too.

Blueberries & Raspberries – As though cherries weren’t exciting enough, these two are joining the party as well this week. Like Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars, they deserve top billing, but they’re just going to have to come in second place for now.

Summer Squash – Boom. Now you’ve got something to grill for the vegetarians at your Fourth of July block party. Urban Tree Connection, a new vendor and awesome urban agriculture focused non-profit organization, will have zucchini at the Rittenhouse Market. Blooming Glen is bringing the two-tone yellow and light green Zephyr variety to Headhouse, and 2 Gander Farm will have sweet little pattypans at Bryn Mawr.

Sweet Corn – Just in time for the Fourth of July, AT Buzby farm is pulling the first ears of sweet corn out of their New Jersey fields for Headhouse. They’re a little on the small side, but they’re sweet and juicy and nobody faced with the first corn on the cob of the year is gonna complain.

Peas – The peas, people! They’re really hitting their stride this week, but they tend to fly and die a little bit once the real heat sets in, so grab them while you can. Savoie Organic Farm’s (Headhouse & Collingswood) shelling peas are looking plump and glorious, as are snow peas as Queen’s Farm (Headhouse & Fairmount). Drum’s Produce, at the Food Trust’s newest Sunday market at Broad and Mount Vernon, has both of these varieties plus sweet little snap peas as well.

Hard Cider – What with all this new fruit action going on, Frecon Farm is back at markets this week (Rittenhouse, Bryn Mawr, Clark Park), and they’re bringing Craig LaBan’s favorite hard ciders.

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