Avenida Is Closing To Make Way For Cantina Avenida

Avenida has had a good run at 7402 Germantown Avenue in Mt. Airy. Four and a half years? That’s not bad.

But today, the place is dark as owners Edgar and Kim Alvarez work to turn what was once Avenida into Cantina Avenida–a lighter, brighter, more casual and less tablecloth-y version of their Latin bar and restaurant.

The new order of business is “shareable small plates, tacos and nachos complemented by top-notch margaritas and mojitos,” all coming from a new menu designed by Edgar and inspired by growing up in Guatemala.  “We’ve lightened up everything that we loved about Avenida–the decor, the menu, the beverage program and even the pricing–to create an exciting new hang-out for our guests.”

So we’re talking crab nachos, mole fries, carnitas tacos with pineapple-guajillo sauce, and a Sonora bacon-wrapped hot dog with avocado salsa and queso fresco (which sounds both geographically goofy and kinda delicious). The new menu will also have friendlier prices, with everything on the board running between $6 and $15.

The new Cantina Avenida is looking to get open by Tuesday, May 27.

Avenida / Cantina Avenida [Official]