Foobooz After Dark – The Menu

Yesterday, we announced our third Foobooz After Dark dinner. We’ll be taking a steakhouse chef, Jeff Froehler, and pairing him up with a vegan chef, Vegan Commissary’s chef de cuisine, Leigh Needham. They’ll cook together in peace and harmony, and from the looks of their menu, they’re going to have some fun.

Keep in mind, when we named this dinner “Vegan Steakhouse”, it was only because of the steakhouse chef. Now that we’ve seen the menu, it looks like the two of them have wandered pretty far from the vegan-in-a-steakhouse concept. All the way to edible chopsticks, it seems…

We’ve got the menu for you after the jump. Take a look.

Foobooz After Dark
Saturday March 29, 2014



Nori “Oyster” Shooter
sea vegetable “oyster”, broth, belgian endive, caviar


Soup Dumpling
edamame, spicy miso broth


Seared Eggplant Scallops
cauliflower couscous, sea foam


Heirloom Radishes, Golden Beets
caper and golden raisin puree, pea tendrils


Green Tea Lentil Cakes
green tea, micro shiso


Handcrafted Live Cheese
traditional accompaniments


Dessert Sushi
candied fruit,  chocolate seaweed, green tea ice cream wasabi, caramel shoyu

maki and nigiri “sushi”

edible chopsticks

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