Tastykake Turns 100: Tastykake Commercials Through the Years


Tastykake officially turns 100 today. And though the sweets company is no longer locally owned, we’re betting you all have some Tastykake memories.

Check out these television commercials throughout the years.

1950 Tastykake Commercial

Gary Geers Sr. was a local broadcaster for KYW TV and did live commercial reads. Here is his pitch for Tastykake Lemon Pies.

1970s Mike Schmidt Tastykake Commercials

How did Mike Schmidt hit all those homeruns? Schmidt tells the Pirates’ Dave Parker Willie Stargell that it was all due to Tastykake.

1970s Flyers Tastykake Commercial

It’s like that scene in “Slapshot” where the goalie demonstrates all the penalties. Except in this case it’s local kids tripping and highsticking each other.

1970s Betty White for Tastykake

Betty White went on to great fame on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls. But before that, she was a spokesperson for Tastykake.

1977 Tastykake Commercial

1983 Tastykake Commercial

1987 Tastykake Commercial

2000s Tastykake Commercial with the Philly Phanatic

The Philly Phanatic and Tastykake’s mascot, Kirbee the Krimpet.