DRINK THIS: The Fat Apple at The Fat Ham


Photo by Vanessa Beahn

The Fat Ham has rightfully been getting early love for its hot chicken, fried oyster sliders and Southern hummus. But that’s not to say the beverage program has been slacking. The Fat Apple is a star on the bar’s cocktail list. The bourbon-based cocktail is dangerously easy to drink and could easily be a gateway cocktail to a love of brown liquors.

Anwar Morgan, the Fat Ham’s head bartender tells us that it was inspired by the memory of drinking Martinelli’s Sparkling cider during champagne toasts as a kid. With the Fat Ham’s focus on American whisky and bourbon, Morgan was looking for “an easy sipping delicious cocktail option for those not quite ready to jump right into two fingers of 10 year old bourbon, but a bourbon cocktail none the less.”

Head to The Fat Ham to try Morgan’s crisp cocktail or try it at home.

The Fat Apple Recipe

1 part Jim Beam Red Stag Hardcore Cider

1 part Jim Beam Red Stag Spiced

1 part Apple Cider

.5 part fresh squeezed lemon

topped with Fever Tree Ginger Ale for that sparkling cider effervescence.

garnish with apple slice, serve over ice.

The Fat Ham [Foobooz]