New Restaurant for 1708 Lombard

brick american eatery

Astral Plane had a thirty-four year run at 17th and Lombard. Since then we’ve seen concepts come and go quickly (Astral Plane Millenium, Fish, Brick American Eatery and I’m sure I’m forgetting something). Next up is Keen. A.D. Amorosi reports in today’s City Paper that the restaurant will be run by Randall Hoppmann, a Le Bec Fin alum and Restaurant School at Walnut Hill instructor. It was there she met the couple who will run the kitchen. Christopher and Caitlin Rorer. For more on the concept, check out Amorosi’s Ice Pack column (second paragraph).

Icepack: A.D. Amorosi on the news, nightlife and bitchiness beats [City Paper]