East Passyunk News: Townsend Wentz Taking Over Former Sophia’s Space

So you guys remember the disaster that was Sophia’s on East Passyunk, right? What was supposed to be chef Christopher Lee‘s triumphant return to Philadelphia was crippled early by a completely ridiculous (and scattershot, and confusing, and ill-planned) concept, and then, later, by a total lack of focus (and a lack of a chef) in the kitchen. It was one of those openings that was seemingly doomed from the minute the first plate hit the first table, and, unsurprisingly, closed not long after.

But one of the big questions on and around East Passyunk has been who was going to take on the space. I mean, it’s a restaurant space. On East Passyunk. There was no way it was going to stay dark forever.

And now, according to the Insider, it looks like chef Townsend Wentz had rolled the dice and signed a lease for the spot.

Wentz is a veteran of Lacroix, most recently behind the stoves at McCrossen’s Tavern where he did good work in the gastropub style. This new joint will be a bit of a return to form with modern French cuisine.

Townsend Wentz Opening On East Passyunk [Insider]