A Christmas Story Dinner at Blackfish

Are you just a huge fan of the movie A Christmas Story? On Christmas Eve, Chip Roman’s Blackfish is hosting a dinner inspired by the classic holiday movie. All the dishes served from “Flick’s Frozen Tongue” (corned veal tongue) to “Don’t Forget Your Ovaltine” (Ovaltine mousse) are clearly inspired by the movie. The dinner is $55 per person and hopefully the Bumpus hounds don’t get to the turkey before you do.

A Christmas Story Dinner Menu at Blackfish

Flick’s Frozen Tongue
Corned Veal Tongue, Red Cabbage, Horseradish, Pickled Mustard, Rye, Watercress

Leg Lamp
Lamb Leg, Barley, Broccolini, Green Onion, Lamb Jus

Bumpus Turkey Dinner
Turkey Thigh, Pomme Puree, Shell Bean, Crispy Onion, Velouté

Chop Suey Palace Duck
Magret Duck Breast, Sweet and Sour Eggplant, Spicy Sweet Potato, Honshemeji, Gai Lon

Don’t Forget Your Ovaltine
Ovaltine Mousse, Pain D’espices, White Chocolate, Raspberry

Blackfish [Foobooz]