This Weekend: La Tuade du Cochon at Wyebrook Farm

When Frank Bennett, the villain of the the 1991 film, Fried Green Tomatoes, turns up dead by the hand of Sissy, the cook, (in the yard, with the iron skillet) heroine Idgie Threadgood thinks for a minute. She says to Sissy’s son, “Big George…I think it’s hog boiling time.” To which his reply is, “No ma’am. It ain’t cold enough” and she insists, “It’s Hog. Boiling. Time.” [punctation mine]

For those of you who may have missed this much lauded film (and to whom I say, what is wrong with you? Jessica Tandy! Kathy Bates! Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary-Louise Parker in a vaguely homoerotic food fight!) Idgie is proposing the culinary transformation of the late Mr. Bennett into some of the delicious “secret’s in the sauce” barbecue at the Whistle Stop Cafe, but the ploy only succeeds because Idgie and Big George jump the gun on hog boiling season.

Hog butchery and cold weather go hand in hand in Fannie Flagg’s version of Whistle Stop, in the Ardeche region of France, and this Sunday, on the beautiful landscape of Wyebrook Farm in Honey Brook, PA. Called “la tuade du cochon” the day will begin with the slaughter of one of Wyebrook’s pastured hogs, and end with a meal by chef Andrew Wood of Russet to honor that fine pig.

Dinner for 50 begins at 5:00. Secure your place at the table by e-mailing: And check out the day’s menu.

La Tuade du Cochon at Wyebrook Farm

Sunday, November 24 at 5pm

Charcuterie & Antipasti 

Blood Sausage 

caramelized apple, parsnip and Sardinian flat bread

Smoked and Braised Pigs Head 

shell beans, pickled cabbage, and tomato fondue

Brown Butter Sweet Potato Tortellini 

bacon-liver ragu, leeks, rosemary

Slow Roasted Pork Loin and Cotechino sausage

creamy polenta, smoked onion agrodolce, and twice cooked sunchokes

Red Wine Poached Pear


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