Seriously? There’s A Wine Shortage?

Many ascots were rumpled this week by news reports that we are currently suffering a worldwide wine shortage, with demand for reds and whites outstripping supplies to the tune of 2.7 billion bottles.

Yup. That’s billion-with-a-B.

Crazy as that number is, here’s something that’s crazier. We Americans are mostly to blame. Since 2000, American drinkers have doubled the amount of wine they drink.

Yup. That’s doubled-with-a-D.

Our advice to all Foobooz readers? It’s totally time to panic, to run wild in the streets and ransack your local state stores for Jesus Juice in all its myriad vintages. That is if all you lushes aren’t already too drunk to get up off your fainting couches.

For all the latest on this monocole-fogging development, check out Be Well Philly where noted oenophile Emily Leaman is keeping a round-the-clock watch.

Noooo! Report Warns Of Major Wine Shortage [Be Well Philly]